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KIKK-Party experience report

2008-06-23 20:57:28

The KIKK-Party was a party of students of K3 Malmö at the club Inkonst. The place is more than a normal club as it is always interested in new young culture events. We placed Sparky in the lobby.

The interesting thing about the evening was, that people could return to sparky and show other people how it works. We haven't had any experiments before that evening were people could interact with sparky over a long time and had the opportunity to come back and interact with him again.

In the first part of the evening we had to explain what you can do with sparky, but after a while people returned and tried him again and showed it to friends. If we let him in the lobby alone for some time and nobody interacted with him, he got sad and collapsed as usual, but then people walking or standing by were feeling sorry for him. Those who have already experienced sparky or just saw what you can do to make him happy again then interacted with him and moved him around. So in the end it was self-running.

It was also interesting to see that people who had comsumed alcohol came and blew into his sensitive nose to make him sad, but then quickly felt sorry and didn't want to have him sad so exercised him again. There were only two people during the night who left him sad behind, nobody else wanted to see him sad. Certainly a high amount of people felt responsible for him.


KIKK-Party from K3 at Inkonst

2008-06-07 05:00:40

The user-testing at the party was very interesting and successful! The full report will be posted here soon with pictures and a special story of Sparky who meet a hedgehog that night.

Alcohol Detection Improved

2008-05-28 13:58:11

We added another gas sensor and built it in his nose, as it is more accessible there. The other gas sensor is placed on the box on which sparky stands as this should be the perfect height to detect air pollution.

Sparky can stand

2008-04-24 21:00:15

Breakthrough of the project was when Sparky could stand as the motor then proved his strength and could hold the hold body.